ICC Champions Trophy


The ICC Champions Trophy is a prominent One Day International (ODI) cricket tournament that is only second to the Cricket World Cup in importance. Just like other prestigious international cricket competitions, the Champions Trophy is organised by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and is competed by the best ODI teams. But since its inauguration in 1998, the tournament went through several changes and despite being the second most important event in international cricket, the 2013 Champions Trophy is scheduled to be the last.

Champions Trophy vs Cricket World Cup

Both the Champions Trophy and Cricket World Cup are ODI cricket competitions but there are several differences between the two tournaments. Unlike the Cricket World Cup that is held every four years, the Champions Trophy takes place every two years although that wasn’t always the case. Also, the World Cup is played over a period of one month or longer, while the Champions Trophy lasts only about two weeks. Lastly, the Champions Trophy was originally a straight knock out which means that the loser in each match was automatically eliminated from the competition.


The first Champions Trophy was hosted by Bangladesh in 1998 as the ICC Knock Out Tournament – the name was changed into the Champions Trophy 2002. The first Trophy was won by South Africa that defeated the West Indies team in the final. At the second tournament that was hosted by Kenya, the 10 full members of the ICC were also joined by the host. Three pre-quarter-finals were played by 6 teams that instantly eliminated three teams.

The 2002 Champions Trophy was held in England and was competed by all full members of the ICC plus Kenya and the United States. Instead of straight knock out pre-quarter-finals, four group were formed with each group’s winner qualifying for the knock out semi-finals. The host, England made it to the finals but it unfortunately lost to the West Indies. At the 2006 Champions Trophy that was held in India, new format was used again as only top six ODI teams plus two Test-playing teams competed for the trophy.

The 2008 Champions Trophy was supposed to be held in Pakistan but after several teams expressed concern over security in the country, the Champions Trophy was hosted by South Africa instead in 2009. Only top eight ODI teams competed.

No Champions Trophy was held since that in 2009. The next Champions Trophy will be hosted by England in 2013 and it will be the last. Instead, a new ICC World Test Championship will take its place. It was planned to take place in 2013 but it was postponed to year 2017 due to financial difficulties.